Cattery of Scottish cats
«Beauty   Star»

About Our «Beauty Star» Cattery
Have you ever seen an amazing cat with folded ears?
If not, be sure to try to see these cute and exotic animals at the exhibition, at you friends' house or such a charming cat can be yours, and we can help you with this!
These cats are amazingly attractive and charming, you will love them and they will love you. They will be the most loyal friends and companions, your pets and your pride. You just need to see them once!
It happened to me...
The first time I saw the cat of this wonderful breed in 2006 and fell in love with that miracle of nature with the owl's expression of a muzzle, glowing amber eyes and blue plush fur.
I had an ordinary domestic red cat and I did not plan getting another one.
But it was like in the piece of poetry by S.Mikhalkov:
"They say whatever you might wish
On the New Year's Eve,
It always comes true!
Everything becomes real!"
And so it happened... I got a little plush ball of happiness - a blue Scottish Fold kitten.
Our fascination with the breeding of this breed started from this cat. At first we worked with classic colors, such as blue and lilac. Then, as a true candy girl, I got interested in sweet colors - chocolate, cream. The next step was receiving of a color which was exotic for Scottish breed - cinnamon and fawn.
The cats of our cattery regularly take part in international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, and get into the finals, which confirms the correctness of our chosen path once again.
The results of the exhibitions can be found on the page of each specific cat.
The cattery is located in the Kharkov city but it does not limit the geography of our communication. The representatives of our cattery live in various parts of the world.

Here are some of our trophies received at international exhibitions:)

The Scottish cats adapt perfectly to crowded apartments, full of running children and dogs, as well as to small dwellings.
The Scottish are not afraid of and get along well with other animals. They are very funny and cheerful cats.
They are ideal family cats, fond of communication with people and especially playing with children, whom they allow almost everything. They rarely show dominant behavior. They are easy to raise, and they have a flexible character. Scottish cats are very agile, and they are a little afraid of heights, so they won't jump onto the closets, curtains and curtain-rods, and they won’t get out through windows and onto the balconies, which will protect their lives and your nerves.
"If you wish to make your home cozy, invite a cat there.
And if you want her to be calm, but not phlegmatic, smart, but unobtrusive, gentle, beautiful and original, this cat must come from Scotland."
There are pretty low requirements to keeping a Scottish cat. The most important things are the owner’s love and care, in turn, they will pay back with even greater love and care for you!

And you can also forget about stress and bad mood with them forever.
By the way, it is scientifically proven that cats help relieve any stress, and even treat serious chronic diseases, and generally have a positive effect on any person’s body.