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Here you will find charming Scottish Fold, Scottish Straight and long-haired variations - Highland Fold and Highland Straight

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Why choose Scottish cats?

It is the only breed which has no aggression at the genetic level, they are calm and quiet
Your sleep will become deep and healthy - Scottish cats treat any sleeping problems
You will never oversleep at weekdays and at weekends they won't disturb you while you are having a rest

Scottish cats will entertain your children and you will have a  time to do your business or just relax
They don't need to be taken out for a walk or paid constant attention. You can leave them at home all day long.
They are the neatest animals on the planet. They teach order, develop responsibility

Besides that!

Scottish cats always feel their owner's condition, their purring has a calming
effect, and it normalizes heartbeat, and lowers the
level of stress.
They are wonderful friends and psychologists.

Would you like to have your own personal psychotherapist?
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